IVIM-Shanghai Jiaotong University Academic Seminar



On May 20, a seminar on the application of intravital microscopy with the theme of "small animal in vivo imaging" was held at the National Major Science and Technology Center for Translational Medicine on the Jianchuan Road Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

     More than 200 people including Wad ceo, Mr. Zhu Yunguo, Professor Selina of Korean Biology, and young scholars and leading teachers from 8 universities including Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Fudan University and Tsinghua University participated in this seminar. This series of seminars is jointly organized by the Tang Zhongying Foundation of Shanghai Jiaotong University, wad Group, and IVIM technology of South Korea.

     Teacher Di Ling, on behalf of the school, extended a warm welcome to the young scholars and guests attending the event. In the case of immature in situ live imaging technology, IVIM has important application potential in the fields of biology and medicine.

     Live animal imaging at the level of fully optimized live cells; provide various optimization modules for live tissue/cell imaging, and almost all live organ/tissue imaging available animal models IVIM has unique advantages

      The seminar atmosphere is fierce. At present, IVIM has achieved satisfactory results in the one-week experiment of Jiaotong University.

     During the seminar, more than 100 leading teachers and young scholars in related fields visited the demonstration of IVIM small animal cell in situ imaging technology and showed great interest.

     The faculty team of Jiaotong University said: In terms of fast real-time recording of high-quality video and image data, the effect presented by IVIM is satisfactory.

     Mr. Zhu Yunguo summarized in this seminar: Science and technology change lives, and hope that with the help of instruments in the field of scientific research, more outstanding scholars can shine for the medical career of the motherland.

     At present, the IVIM small animal in-situ cell dynamic analysis imaging system is conducting DEOMO experiments in W233 of the Transitional Medicine Building of Jiaotong University. Teachers and scholars are welcome to come and visit.